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Helping Hands

Become a KPHI Sponsor

Helping Hands

Would you like to become a KPHI Business Sponsor and receive FREE ADVERTISING? If so, all we ask is that you allow us to place a small, 25 cent vending machine in your business. By placing our vending machines in your business, KPHI is able to raise donations for the charitable and humanitarian projects we support. Our volunteers take care of servicing the machines and there is nothing else you need to do.

To thank you for your support of KPHI, KPHI will create an ADVERTISING BANNER AD that will be displayed at the top of every KPHI webpage. The BANNER AD will have a picture of your business, your address and phone number. We will also add your name to our list of sponsors. We will keep your picture and information on our website for as long as the 25 cent vending machine is in your business.

In order for us to place a machine in your business, your business must be located in one of these geographical areas:

  • Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas
  • Orange County, California - central and north county areas
  • Los Angeles County, California - central and southern county areas

To become a KPHI Business Sponsor, please contact us.

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