Audio Library

Golden Spiral

Between 1975 and 2008, a master walked this planet Earth teaching about the Summum philosophy. His name was Summum Bonum Amen Ra. To his students, friends, and acquaintances, he was "Corky." Corky held many classes inside the Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City, Utah. To preserve their originality, these classes are presented as they were actually recorded and are unedited.

We don't ask you to believe anything he says. All we suggest is that you listen to and consider the things he has to say.

These classes were originally recorded on audio cassettes or VHS tapes and have been digitized. The audio files are in MP3 file format. You can listen to these classes online or you can download and listen to them on any electronic device capable of playing MP3 files.

The library is divided into several sections that you can select from below. The number of recordings in each section is indicated.